Board of Directors Statement

The Board of Directors is responsible for services provided and the quality of care rendered to patients. A provision of a safe physical plant equipped and staffed to maintain the quality of the NHTS and its services. The adoption and documented review of written NHTS bylaws are scheduled and establish by the governing authority. The appointment, reappointment, assignment of privileges, and curtailment of privileges of health care professionals, and written confirmation are within the scope of authority.

Their responsibilities also include: The establishment and implementation of a system like patient and staff grievances. The recommendation that relate to patient rights, can be identified within the NHTS. The Board of Directors feedback mechanism for management indicates what action was taken. The frequency of meetings of the governing authority and its committees and meetings are documented through minutes. The officers of any committees, the Board of Directors, the Governing Authority, structure, responsibilities, and authority shall be documented.

The Board of Directors will establish the qualifications of members and officers of the Governing Authority, the procedures for electing and appointing officers, and the terms of service for members, officers, and committee chairpersons. They will also approve the By Laws.


The Governing Authority of New Horizon appoints health care professionals to staff the agency and to provide direct services to the patients. They serve as consultants to the programs.

Annual Review

The Governing Authority shall review all By Laws, policies and procedures on an annual basis. They shall review revisions as needed and appoint an Administrator for New Horizon. The Administrator shall serve in a full-time position at NHTS. The Administrator may also serve to fill one of the professional positions. The Administrator or his alternate should be designated in writing to act in the absence of the Administrator. he shall be available on the premises during the hours when patient care services are being delivered.

Office of The Executive Director

The Executive Director's responsibility is to the development, implementation, and enforcement of all policies and procedures, including patient rights, and employs and places all staff within the agency. He/she ensures that applicable patient/staff ratios are maintained. Other duties are department administration, operations, fiscal and staff components of NHTS. He/she participates in the quality assurance program for patient care and staff performance. This ensures that all personnel are assigned duties based upon their education, training, competencies, and job descriptions.

The Director further ensures the provision of staff education and orientation. He/she directs the management personnel file for each staff member according to state regulations. Other duties include participation in policy and administrative decision-making. The NHTS Executive Director supervises the ongoing clinical operations of the program as well as the liason to the governing board for the medical director, patients and staff. He/she is accountable for compliance with icensing regulations with regard to the quality assurance plan for patient care and staff performance.

Organizational Ethics

New Horizon Treatment Services has a reputation for conducting itself in accordance with the highest level of business and commuunity ethics in compliance with applicable governing laws. New Horizon Treatment Services recognizes the problem that both deliberate and accidental misconduct in the behavioral health industry can pose to society. New Horizon treatment Services is committed to ensuring that it operates under the highest ethical and moral standards.

New Horizon Treatment Services corporate Compliance Policy is in accordance with:

The employees of New Horizon operate according to our code of ethical behavior articulated through a number of different internal sources. These include rules and regulations, administrative orders, directives, and the Corporate Compliance Policy. Professional employees of the various clinical disciplines are also guided by ethical standards established and promulgated by discipline specific national organizations (e.g. American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Nurses Association, National Association of Social Workers, etc.).

Office of Quality Assurance/Corporate Compliance


New Horizon Treatment Services strives for the highest quality of service to be consistently delivered and maintained within each program. The office of Quality Assurance will provide the agency with information, assessments, and evaluations to support compliance and peak standard performance.

The Quality Assurance Office will develop a continuous, coordinated, and integrated process of assessments to include statistical information provided to Operational management that will aid in the development of effective service delivery and outcomes.


The principle goal of New Horizon Treatment Services Quality Assurance Office is to generate data based on patient and staff evaluations, which will provide information to the operational staff so they can develop improvement procedures that will maximize outcomes. The New Horizon Treatment Services Quality Assurance Office will develop assessment strategies and analyze data that will focus on:


Quality Assurance activities will involve cooperation of other staff members by the distribution and collection of client surveys and the coordination of employee assessments. Information from the following sources will be assessed and utilized in the Quality Assurance process:

Assessment and Improvement Process

The Quality Assurance process will consist of four key components:

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee is recruited to support and assist in the development of Quality Assurance activites. The committee provides feedback and helps to generate new ideas for assessment purposes in conjunction with the Quality Assurance Officer.

Annual Review

The objectives, scope, organization, and effectiveness of the activities to assess and improve quality will be evaluated annually by the Executive Director.

The evaluation will be used to determine how the assessment and improvement process can be improved. Effectiveness will be evaluated by reviewing the reports and information that have been made to the operational staff.

The Quality Assurance Plan will be revised as indicated by the results of this evaluation. Additionally, any portion of the plan may be modified at any time in order to improve the effectiveness of the delivery of information.

Goals and Objectives

To provide operational directors with the education, treatment and knowledge of how to use community support systems, so they may train their staff.

For the agency to comply with current legal, ethical, and best practice requirements, to provide the agency with positive outcomes.

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