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Addressing Two-Spirits - Instructor's Manual (499KB)
Addressing Two-Spirits - Participant's Manual (466KB)
African Americans' Views of the HIV / AIDS Epidemic at 20 Years (267KB)
AIA Best Practices (634KB)
Guiding Principles for Programs Serving HIV Positive Substance Users (198KB)
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and HCV / HIV Co-infection Handbook (176KB)
Hepatitis Integration Training Manual (1.63MB)
HIV / AIDS Prevention Early Intervention and Health Promotion (813KB)
Mental Health Care for People with HIV Infection (636KB)
Methadone Maintenance Treatment (103KB)
MMWR - Revised Guidelines for HIV Counseling Testing and Referral (483KB)
NIDA HIV / AIDS Prevention Research Manual (206KB)
NIDA Notes - Research on Nicotine (642KB)
NIDA Notes - Women and Gender Differences Research (1.04MB)
NIH Consensus Development Conference Statement - June, 2002 (303KB)
Outreach Competencies (283Kb)
Outspoken - HIV RIsk Assessment in Substance Abuse Treatment (59KB)
Positive Prevention - Prevention Strategies for People with HIV / AIDS (1.05MB)
Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment (243KB)
Principles of HIV Prevention (320KB)
Research Report - Anabolic Steroid (333KB)
Research Report - Cocaine (249KB)
Research Report - Hallucinogens and Dissociative Drugs (233KB)
Research Report - Heroin (222KB)
Research Report - Inhalant (1.25MB)
Research Report - Marijuana (436KB)
Research Report - Methamphetamine (108KB)
Research Report - Prescription Drugs (654KB)
Research Report - Therapeutic Community (402KB)
Research Report Nicotine (247KB)
Substance Use Disorder and LGBT Communities (190KB)
TCU HIV / AIDS Risk Assessment (24KB)
Understanding Hepatitis C A Training For Service Providers Participant Manual (799KB)
Understanding Hepatitis C A Training For Service Providers Trainer Manual (697KB)
What Works in HIV Prevention for Substance Users (477KB)
Working With Native Americans Living With HIV - Clinicians Guide (333KB)
X Substance Abuse (246KB)

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