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New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc. is a premier provider of programs and services for treating those who suffer from the conditions associated with addiction. Our agency is organized into several departments that provide specific programs to provide care and support. The departments and programs are:

Medical Department

The aim of the Medical Department is to "Promote the patients' state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely to treat the symptoms of disease".

The New Horizon Medical Department is staffed with RN's, LPN's, and Medical Assistants. The Medical Doctors are experienced, ASAM/Beprenorphine certified, substance abuse specialists and are on site Monday through Friday each week. The services provided by the Medical Department are:

Our Medical Department has three physicians, all of whom are certified for methandone and Buprenorphine. The Medical Director is ASAM certified. Our nurses have experience in addiction services and are aware of how to work with this specialized population.

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Clinical Services Department

Our Clinical Services Department is professionally staffed by counselors who either have their CADC or are working towards it. Most of the counseling staff attends college and are in Masters or Bachelors programs. Others already have their degree and are attending classes to enhance their skills. The Clinical Director has a Masters degree and is a Licensed Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor with many years of experience. He brings knowledge to the agency for valuable skill-building in-services and supervision. His staff is able to provide clinical skills based on client crisis intervention that result in a safe treatment environment.

The Medication-Assisted Treatment Program (MAT) offers an individually tailored and supervised maintenance by certified physicians. Methadone, taken orally, has been used to treat opiate addiction for over 30 years. It is safe, has minimal side-effects, and enables individuals to change negative behaviors and work towards increased stability. Methadone, taken daily, reduces cravings and eliminates withdrawal symptoms without producing euphoria. Patients enjoy better health, increased emotional control, and benefit more from individual and group counseling.

Are You Eligible?

Are you committed to being part of a treatment program? Are you tired of the "No Win" lifestyle? Are you willing to use methadone as a positive approach to recovery? Do you want to develop a positive support system? Are you willing to engage in counseling?

Intake Process

Call 609.394.8988 ext. 48

  1. Telephone Screening to Determine Eligibility
  2. Assessment by Certified Physician and an Addiction Counselor
  3. Complete Physical
  4. In-House Toxicology Testing
  5. Methadone Prescription Management and Monitoring
  6. Multi-cultural Counseling (Spanish/English)

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For more information, download the
Methadone Maintenance and Buprenorphine
Patient/Client Handbook (pdf)

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Criminal Justice Services Department

The Criminal Justice Services Department offers a premier multi-disciplinary approach to helping clients achieve freedom from substance abuse disorders as they navigate the Criminal Justice System process. We operate from the premise that the utilization of treatment instead of incarceration enhances public safety by reducing drug related crime and ultimately reducing the overall recidivism rate. Our established "best practices" are client-centered and individualized based on service needs.

Our team consists of professionals who are dedicated to the treatment and recovery of our clients. We take pride in our ability to design treatment programs, systems and strategies to support treatment objectives of the Criminal Justice System. The CJS department provides the opportunity for our clients to receive a substantial portion of their needed services within our agency perimeter.

Intake Process

Call 609.394.8988 ext. 48

  1. Telephone screening to determine eligibility
  2. Scheduled face-to-face appointment
  3. Completion of Assessment
  4. Determination of Level of Care
  5. Admission
  6. Medical Services and Urine Analysis
  7. CJS Departmental Orientation
  8. Treatment Placement within 24 hours

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Special Services Department

New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc's Special Services Department is a traditional outpatient treatment service whose staff conducts assessments and individual and group treatment for individuals who meet criteria for substance abuse treatment. This department utilizes the complete services of the Agency. That includes:

The Special Services Department has progams that include, but are not limited to, Federal Probation, State and County parole, Drug Court, and DYFS. The staff is consistent with NJ Licensing standards. Sixty percent of the staff have Master's Degrees. Sixty percent of the staff have CADC's.

NHTS' Special Services Department is CARF certified and strives to meet the needs of the community. They identify new areas of services to improve the client's quality of life, helping them to break the cycles of chemical abuse and dependence.

Intake Process

Call 609.394.8988 ext. 48

Administration Department

The Administration Department has the management responsibility for three main areas:

The Administrative Director directs New Horizon's Front Office operations through effective management team effort. The Human Resources, Facility Management and Front Office operations set the stage for New Horizon Treatment Services' current and future success for staff, billing and client relations.

Human Resources

New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc. is committed to hiring the best qualified individuals to fit our needs within our structure. NHTS is an equal opportunity employer who follows all state and federal labor laws and guidelines. Competetive starting salaries and a "top notch" benefits package include:

A Mutual of America 403B retirement plan is also offered.

An initial New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc. training/orientation program is followed by on-going training. Our development policy meets state guidelines and regulations. We meet the licensure standards of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc. is organized in five main departments: Medical, Clinical Services, Criminal Justice Services, Special Services, and Administration. The people who manage these departments are the Medical Director, Clinical Director, Nursing Director, Criminal Justice Services Director, Special Services Director and Administration Director. The Executive Director supervises the Department Heads.

Our staff consists of full-time and part-time professional and non-professional positions that include:

New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc. is always accepting applications and resumes.

Facility Management

New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc. has a one hundred percent score from the accreditation survey of facilities performed in October 2003 and again in 2007.

Our commitment is to maintain a clean, safe, and confortable environment for the clients and staff. Our Life-Health-Safety Committee takes pride in safety, security, maintenance and accessibility for clients and the disabled. On-going training and education is provided for employees, clients and visitors. The NHTS parking lot is easily accessible with approximately seventy-five lined parking spaces.

Our building is registered as a historical building, dating back to 1875, in the city of Trenton . The facility has plans for quarterly and yearly renovation and maintenance.

Front Office Operations

The Front Office is the "front line" of New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc. It has a wide range of responsibilities. The department has three Administrative/Billing Specialists who Clients are in contact with. The reception area provides a warm and comfortable enviroment and combined with a compassionate staff that provides wonderful customer service.

Our outside calls are handled with a state-of-the-art automated answering system that transfers incoming calls to the appropriate person or department. It allows you to obtain important information about NHTS by easily accessing the Front Office through this system.

The Front Office department is responsible for accepting payment for services rendered to self-pay patients and for accurate payment recording. New Horizon Treatment Services, Inc. accepts money orders, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express credits cards for your convenience. NHTS accepts patients with full Medicaid coverage and those who qualify for the Work First NJ program. The programs are billed for the clients who maintain their Medicaid/WFNJ status and show proof of their status each month. The Agency offers reduced fees to those who qualify. Clients who are interested need to inquire at the Front Office. The Front Offfice Personnel's expertise in biling allows them to handle all Mercer County Drug Court and Federal Probation billing services.

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